Saturday, 16 August 2008

暴れん坊 アバレンボウ abarenbou アニゾ anizo7

a hooligan anizo... kinda cool huh....

直感勝負 チョッカンショウブ chokkanshoubu anizo7

this guy, tyr to win a match/game judging by his intuition... i like his style... dun have to think too much or use any special technique... this guy make me think of hunter x hunter kyouka ppl like gon and leorio...

飽き性 アキショウ akishou anizo7 review

haha... this anizo get bored of anything right a way... in chinese we say 三分钟热度, in bahasa malaysia ialah "panas panas tahi ayam"... i think i get it right... wahaha...
*"hangat hangat tahi ayam" thanks to sms for correcting my sick malay language

飽き性、 飽きっぽい、 中国語 ”三分の熱い” 

Friday, 8 August 2008

恋愛体質 レンアイタイシツ renaitaishitsu

back from kl and found out that the internet connection is not working... finally... i can online.. wahaha

this pink heart girl anizo have the word 恋愛体質 レンアイタイシツ read as renaitaishitsu
means "love is everything"

haha... i notice mostly girls will die and live for love... so guess that it is why this anizo have eye lashes!!!

”恋は私の全てです” このアニゾは ”女のアニゾ" 睫毛がある

演技派 ENGIHA anizo7

i'm the actress!!!

ネコかぶり NEKOkaburi Anizo7

this cute little white anizo "wears" the cat costume... Nekokaburi... wahahaha
the first think come into my minds are otokus sitting in maid cafe looking at maids wearing the cat ears and say... "moe"....

萌え。。。 萌え。。。。

Thursday, 7 August 2008

怠け者 ANIZO 7 アニゾ 7 LAZY GUY

怠け者(NAMAKEMONO) means lazy person in japanese language...

DO i look like an alien to you???

i am lazy lazy lazy... just like amy in real like... wahaha... lazy
怠け者==エミ == AMY

Monday, 4 August 2008

anizo7 x gashapon x amy 1 アニゾ

My anizo7 given to me by junxiang... on my 21th birthday and our 3rd valentine together.... too bad i dun have a camera as good as his... even i own such a camera i dun have the skill also... see the quality of my photo compare to his at .... sigh... sien nia.... photos taken with my se810i

今年、アタシの誕生日とバレンタインのプレゼンは アニゾ7 と アニゾ8 です。



無責任 ムセキニン  MUSEKININ irresponsoble

Sunday, 3 August 2008

crochet again

back to penang... 2 weeks... start doing crochet again... plan to do a blue shirt for myself... this is the front design of the shirt
design of the shirt

first time use 1mm yarn... so thin the size... see till head also pain... wahaha...