Saturday, 30 May 2009

my son

my handsome son, look at his eyebrown, the curve, awwwww. I love him!!!

Welcome a new family member to the world

On the way to belc(daily product shop) with my housemate, I received a call from my mom, telling me that my sister(Ching Ching) gave birth to her baby boy, who is my god son. I was so happy and excited when I hear this. After I hung up the phone, I shout to my housemate saying that my baby is out, and called some of my friends here and tell them I'm officially a mama!!!

Everyone has been waited for little Jayden to come to this world for so long, Not to mention Ching Ching and MC, I'm sure MC parents are superly happy, Jayden is their first grand child, of course ching ching parents are happy to, i can imagine my aunt's face, you can't see her eyes, you can only see her teeth. and for sure my mom is very happy, every baby is a gift, a priceless 1, well i can't deny some babies can be trade with money.

I'm sure Ching Ching will be a good mother, She is an expert in taking cares of baby and children, when I was a baby, she was 7 and she could babysit me, after me is Ben, then qiqi. Jayden is so lucky to be Ching Ching's son. But, there are 1 weakpoint, Ching Ching is too gentle to kids, But i'm sure MC will be the strict 1, as he said last year.

And of course me, the stupid god mother, planned to bring my little Jayden to go turn gashapon when he is a little bit older. Wanted to be your god mom before your parents got married. can't wait to see you, sitting here all alone in my room, laughing like an idiot, eating up everything i have in my fridge, well, i'm happy i eat; when i'm sad i eat; when i feel bored i eat; when i feel stress i eat; when i have nothing to do, i eat; hence i gonna upload more photos of myself, recent 1, so that Jayden can see his god mom current look, else the photo he sees is the skinny version of me when i', already a size 18. :P

Gai talk crap nia, better go. bye bye, Love always stupid me

i'm a Mother not a hot 1 but a unique 1 today!!1

My son is out. haha.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

mine dinner

cook tau yu bak, first time in my life, not as delicious as those back in penang but still it is tau yu bak and my house mates love it, wahahaha, nothing much to post today. just wanne tell the whole world, I DID IT!!!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

my housemates and korean food

my housemates, i dunno how to spell their names, all korean.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

My beloved sister (cousin)

these are the photos of me 20 years ago with my sister, lim ching ching, she is 7 years old elder than me. she is soooooo good in taking care of babies and children even when she is also a kid. her baby, also my god son will be coming to this world in around 2 weeks time. i can't wait to welcome little Jayden to this world and yet i'm far away. time passes so fast, i really think i should get a good camera or video camera to capture the moment. :P

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

a few months, 1987

turn back time, the baby in the photos was me

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

photo taken by the teacher

me and my housemate... again...and again.

my classmates, half of them are having the surname Kim. only 4 os us are not korean. the "botak" is one of our teacher.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

tokyo tower trip part 3 + harbour

guess what, this photo was taken inside the lift, heading up to the observation platfom of the tokyo tower.

random pic from the top of the tower

another random pic

another random pic

sorry, my phone camera T_T"

erm... a temple?

another random 1

from the top of the tower,



me and my housemate again,

big pikachu???

bouncing balls.

breast pudding? moe

near the harbour

random random

can you see the rainbow bridge? appear in digimon 1 , haha

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

tokyo tower trip part 2

once again, i apologize for my poor alignments. :P

went to the trick art gallery in tokyo tower. 東京タワー トリックアートギャラリー
detect the errors

dun eat me... why am i still laughing while the leopard tries to eat me?

my korean housemate got her head chopped off, omg

dun eat me, i knoe i've been a real bad girl, but dun!!!!!! no!!!!!!!!!! i'm not delicious, 不味い

erm... sound wierd...

erm... erm... some animals are hiding somewhere in the picture?

at the same height?

what do you mean??? confused.

wow i must be damn famous

what!!!! her reflection is me??? my classmate + dormitory mate,

freaky!!!1 where is my reflection??? argh!!!!! horror movie scene, what's wrong?

nothing much. a cat. is for sir shahriman

amy the angle??? must be a fallen 1, the wings should be black anyway. haaha

haha, part 3 soon. very soon